Proposed: The Avalon Loop Trail – The ALT!

2016-07-19-00-17-45For the last few months I’ve been slowly working on the idea of connecting the East Coast Trail to a south / north route through the Avalon Wilderness Reserve on Newfoundland’s east coast. A few weeks ago I asked for input from anyone who may be familiar with any existing trails in a few problem areas, most specifically the area from Hawke Hills to Topsail Beach. Now I’m happy to say those areas have largely been figured out.

Thanks to Jason Edwards, Ken Hooky and Isaac Edgecombe. And of course special thanks to Aaron O’Brien for his Avalon Wilderness Reserve articles in The Independent.

I’m still very far away from finding the time to hike this route, but I would like to have the non-ECT sections defined (in GPS waypoints and tracks) and available online within a year.

Here’s the break-down:

– East Coast Trail = 314 km
– Unofficial ECT North and South = 54 km
– Proposed Route Cape Race to Topsail Beach = ~200 km

The route is comprised of the East Coast Trail, single track, double track (ATV trails, coastal gravel road), trailway and of course some route finding in the Avalon Wilderness Reserve and south of Holyrood.

And the most important bit for hikers….
If the proposed route works out, there will be under 19 km of asphalt road walking in the 254 km non-ECT section. When combined with the ECT, that brings the total for asphalt road walking in the 570 km to just 11%.


– Proposed Route Total = ~570 km
– Asphalt Road = ~61.5 km
– Percentage Road Walking = 11%